Why Treat Rainwater?

As water is collected from rooflines and fed into rainwater tanks, it collects sediment, bacteria and viruses that can be dangerous to the health of your family if consumed without treatment.

Davey offer treatment in two ways, by liquid dosing with Acquasafe or by treating the water with UV.

  1. Liquid dosing up to every two months and testing with test strips, helps to keep nasty bacteria at bay and should be followed with 1 micron filtration at any drinking water taps. 
  2. Treating with UV reduces the need for strict water monitoring and  requires less maintenance than dosing with Acquasafe.  The first step with UV treatment is to ensure the water is filtered to remove any particulate matter.

Davey recommend two stage filtration; the first to remove sediment and the second, 1 micron to polish the water, ready for UV treatment.  The two stage filtration means the UV has the ability to penetrate any bacteria in the water supply, rendering them useless to breed and cause illness.

Treating with UV is a highly effective way to sterilise the bacteria in water with the added benefit of not changing the taste of the water in any way.


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