Steriflo UV Treatment System


Davey Steriflo UV is an economical means of managing bacteria and virus in unsecured drinking water supplies. The process works by sterilising micro-organisms present in the water supply, essentially removing their ability to multiply and cause illness.

Prior to treatment with UV, the water must be pre-filtered first to remove sediment that could shield these micro-organisms from being exposed to the UV.  Pre-filtration also serves the purpose of filtering out any cysts that could be present in the water supply.

Davey’s range of Steriflo UV is available in flow rates of to 250lpm to suit low flow drinking water taps through to domestic and light commercial applications. It is important to note the following:

  • Davey recommend installing pre-filtration down to 1 micron, to ensure the highest penetration of UV light
  • Not exceeding the flow rate specified for the unit
  • Consulting your Davey water treatment specialist if you are unsure of your requirements.


  • Drinking water taps
  • Domestic household water supply
  • Large commercial properties
  • Light commercial applications
Steriflo UV Treatment System

Specifications & Datasheets

Model Description Datasheet Maximum Flow Rate View

Stand alone UV to suit very small homes

PDF 1 MB 23 lpm

Stand alone Steriflo UV to suit small to medium homes

PDF 1 MB 50 lpm

Stand alone Steriflo UV to suit medium to large homes

PDF 1 MB 70 lpm

Stand alone Steriflo UV to suit large homes or commercial properties

PDF 1 MB 130 lpm

Stand alone Steriflo UV to suit light commercial applications

PDF 1 MB 250 lpm
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