Enviromental Policy

The Davey Water Products Melbourne facility is the Head Office for the water group. It is the main manufacturing site for domestic and industrial pumps and the central distribution centre for interstate and global branches.

The environmental policy for the Davey Water Products Melbourne site is:

To protect the environment by striving to continually improve processes that minimise waste and pollution, and by setting environmental objectives and targets which meet or exceed all legal requirements.

This policy shall be achieved by:

  • Commitment to the Lean to Green project.
  • Maintaining an environmental management system certifiable to ISO 14001.
  • Compliance with all environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • Monitoring and evaluating our environmental performance to ensure continuous improvement.


  • Where practicable, implementing processes and facilities which will minimise pollution, process waste and reduce energy and resource consumption.


  • Communicating to our employees, customers and the public in regards to our environmental policies and objectives and addressing related community and public concerns.
  • Communicating to on-site contractors the requirements of Davey Water Products Environmental Management System.
  • Communicating to ensure prompt and effective response to potential environmental emergencies.
  • These strategies shall ensure we conduct our manufacturing operations, and supporting services in a manner that demonstrates responsibility for the protection of our environment.


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