Microlene’s Aquashield Max

Case Study
8-year-old Rocket, a demo dog for the K-9 training academy, sits on the housing of the Microlene Aquashield Max system which ensures the quality of water for the facility is up to scratch.

“Our relationship with Davey is that we call them whenever we need them and the service has been great. If there are new improvements and things we could be doing to increase our water quality then Davey let us know about them,” says Jodie.

“Knowing the efforts and time put into developing these amazing multi purpose dogs that can be sent anywhere in the world to serve our country, no stone is left unturned with regards to providing the handlers and the dogs filtered and sterilised water,” says Murray Jones, GM International for Davey. “In summer trainers can be cooking in a full bite suit, hydrating with crystal clean water is a must.”

When Jodie and Boyd Hooper of TASK-9 found the perfect five-acre rural property on the edge of a national park in a ‘green wedge zone’ without access to town water supply, they were on their own to come up with a water treatment plan to ensure safe drinking water for themselves and their dogs.

Their business, TASK-9 (Tactical and Specialist K-9), is located 30km South East of Melbourne and provides specialist training services for dogs of different specialist applications – such as law enforcement and search and rescue, along with training courses and consulting for handlers and trainers.

“We are quite health conscious and wanted to have the best filter solution for our house water – we needed something really clean. I started to do some research into the best system for us, and that led us to Davey’s Aquashield Max,” says Jodie.

The dogs also benefit from clean water at the facility. They are trained rain hail or shine and each dog is trained to drink on command while working to aid scent detection by keeping the nasal system moist.

The unique Microlene Aquashield Max solution:

Rainwater is collected from the roof using flush diverters, and stored in a 50,000-litre underground tank. They get good catchment and the roof is cleaned once a year to help maintain the water quality.

The Microlene Aquashield Max is a Davey pump with controller, carefully matched for the requirements, a controller (either a Davey RainBank or Davey Torrium 2) and a Microlene Aquashield Centurion UV treatment system, all housed in one neat enclosure. This unique set up sends water from the rainwater tank through the filtration system, providing pressure boosting and disinfection.

In TASK-9’s case their system is equipped with a Davey RainBank controller option – a rainwater harvesting controller which allows easy monitoring of tank water levels.

Microlene Aquashield Centurion Component - The three stages of filtration

  1. Filterpure 20 Micron Filtration – removes larger solids such as decaying leaf matter, dust and dirt
  2. Filterpure 1 Micron Filtration – removes small solids and clarifies water
  3. Steriflo UV Disinfection – inactivates micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasitic cysts

A Microlene carbon filter has also recently been installed under the kitchen sink to ensure taste-free, sterile drinking water for the house.

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